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The Glaws



The Glaws were peaceful and happy people. They were excellent craftsmen and healers. Their peaceful arts of magic, were everywhere. They lived on the island in peace and drove with their small ships on the sea and pushed trade with almost all known peoples. The people, the Alinen, dwarfs, and even with the eerie Berserks. Everyone liked the Glaws, because they were always friendly, honest and helpful.

But suddenly, and without evidence the accident happened. The mountain of fire exploded, why, then nobody could think. But then, 15 years ago, started it all. The disaster was all different. The Straits between the island of Glaws country and the people has been blocked. Millions of pieces of rocks were hurled into the sea. Stones? No stone is the wrong word, it was incandescent boulders, which fell into the sea and everything blocked. So hot that they are still glowing after 15 years. They leave the water evaporate, and made it impossible for a ship through the Straits to lead.

At the time, the Glaws still thought that this phenomenon would nachlasen soon, but it was quite different. Shortly after the mountain exploded, they came. Who? The KERKS. The people with whom not even the Glaws could or wanted to act.

The Kerks have always lived in Ödgebiet, between the great sea and the mountain of fire. A ödes country, where only a few trees grew. The Kerks were a people, of whom nobody wanted to know something, as the legends were already bad enough, especially because a Kerk also times another Kerk should kill and eat when he is hungry. A good Kerk is 2 m tall, 150 kg in weight and very strong. Their hands consist of three fingers, at the end of which each is a long, tortuous and sharp claw. The feet have three extra claws and a pointed hoe. The nose is just as acute and hard as the chin. And his ears are just a long cloth, which is on the side of the head. In addition, the entire head covered with thorns, and the fingers and back. Dumm, but strong and dangerous, otherwise Kerks can not be described. But a lot of times is not known.

Shortly after the mountain of fire exploded, the crowds were Kerks into the territory of the people. But people quickly realized that the way the Kerks by the Eternal Mountains taken had already been sealed. How could they Kerks quickly and destructively beat. But, as stupid as a Kerk is, he knows when he has lost. So were the Kerks, in the hope that the people do as a Kerk never would do to show mercy.

The king of the country's people, Grungas King was a man of honor. He could not kill the Kerks, arising. He wanted them but not imprisoned, he wanted it only as quickly as possible go.

So were all Kerks brought to ships, tied with chains, they were in the interior of this locked. At the end of 20 vessels were needed to make the nearly one thousand Kerks away. They should be with them in their home market.

But during the short trip, it succeeded in some Kerks on a ship, from their chains to liberate. It was no problem for them, the few crew members to kill. That they could do without weapons. Gradually kaperten they all ships.

But how stupid they were, they really killed every man on board the ships. In their desperation, they are all connected vessels with ropes and pulled them together, in the hope that soon the ship washed ashore somewhere to be. Their wishes were fulfilled, they landetet directly at the port of Galsfurt, on the island of Glaws. However, it was not a soft landing. The ships bound together drove right in the harbor and destroyed almost all ships that are anchored. It was a disaster. Like a hurricane came Kerks on Glaws. It was a real bloodbath.

The people believed that the explosion of the mountain of fire, including the island of Glaws down. Therefore surprised they did not, as for months no longer Glaws the ship landed. With time no one believed that the island of Glaws still existed.
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